FLIGHTMASTER. Twin rudders, 48” wingspan model by Ray Heit. It shows the standard (for the time) Ohlsson .19/.23 up front. Archive #006653

Henry Struck design called the Cabin Ruler or CABRULER. The design is an excellent flier (what else would you expect from Henry Struck). Any of the current top of the class A engines would work well in this model. The wingspan is 53” but the cord is narrow, giving a high aspect ratio wing which glides well. Archive #004527

 GO GETTER. The engine is cowled in right below the wing like the Zombie or Pacer but the wing is swept forward. Admittedly, it was in the hands of Bud Romak and he makes everything fly well. The original was powered by Ohlsson .19/.23. This 53” wingspan model was designed by Elbert Weathers and was published in the March, 1940, issue of Air Trails. Archive #000902

A Berkeley kit plan called the CONQUERER. This 30” wingspan model was designed by Dick Korda. I have not seen anyone build this model but I have built his VICTORY which is very similar to the Fuselage version and it flew very well. Try 8-12 strands of 1/8” rubber. Archive #005567

A Wakefield by Frank Loates, from Canada, which he flew to 5th place at the 1949 Wakefield World Championship competition. The plan makes the model look a little more complicated but if you study the plan you will see that it is not. 43” wingspan model LOATES WAKEFIELD. Archive #002610


A Keil Kraft Chieftain kit was bought from Karl Gies, just a few weeks before he passed away last year.

John Buechler, President of WORKS, handles the cooking duties.


Bill Woodring releases Joe Woodwards FUBAR.

Not much doubt about the owner of this model.

Bob Metzger

Jim Hainen and Chuck Hutton.

Dennis Sedlock.


Dick Miers pilots.

Tom Hapner pilots as Randall Krystosek times.

L to R - Tom Nelson, builder of the VALKYRIE, L.A.Johnston, & George (Doc) Shacklett.

Don Broggini has gone the great flying field in heaven on 9 January, 2017.

Stardust Special with designer Donald Broggini.

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