000780 BAY RIDGE TOPPER by Gordon Murray and kitted by Bay Ridge, 52 1/2” wing span.

004270 PYLONIUS from a 1950 Aeromodeller. It was designed by P. Christiansen for the Elfin 2.5cc diesel.

003869 THERMIC 30 - Catapult glider, design by Frank Zaic.

003870 BACARA rubber flyer from Brazil. It is from around 1948.

003868 PENDLETON FAULT by John O’Donnell. Nostalgia model, wingspan 58”.

 Bob Metzger with Turner Special.

Dennis Sedlock - Lanzo Bomber.

Bruce Wallace pilot with Dave Held timing.

Dennis Sedlock with Tom Boice.

Dave Kern with Buzzard Bombshell powered by Super Tigre .29

Frank Ryan and Tom Boice.

Frank and Tom Ryan with Flamingo.

George Lamb with V-Tailed Swallow.

Jim Hainen hard at work.

Jim Hainen's 108 in. Dallaire Sportster - powered by MVVS diesel engine.

Mel Holman's Stardust Special heads upstairs.

Phil Semmer.

Randy Peebles flies as Mel Holman hand launches the Dallaire Special.

The ubiquitous Tom Boice fixes lunch for all.

SUPER SUNDUSTER - original kit from 1944.

Van Wilson, a long time SAM member who lives in Alaska has donated a batch of books, catalogs and brochures that are being converted to digital format and will be available starting with this issue. Thanks Van!

Allen Heinrich with his ALLEN TRAINER. Free flight wind indicator behind shows calm.

Dale Tower's SLICK launched by Brian Sargent & flown by Phil Bernhardt.

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