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Archive #006068 - POLLIWOG.

Archive #035123 - TWIN PUSHER.

Archive #035122 - WEE BEE.

Archive #006442 - MERCURY BULLET.

Archive #002257 - JAYS BIRD.

L.A. with his awards and friends. Left to right: Jeff Elliott, Charles Waterston, L.A. Johnston, Tom Boice, and Randall Krystosek.

LA with his plaques at the site of his induction.

L.A. and friends admire his Valkyrie.

L.A. with his full size Valkyrie.

Chet Lanzo Designs by Jack Hiner.

Chet Lanzo Designs by Jack Hiner.

Chet Lanzo Designs by Jack Hiner.

Hank launching his free flight Satellite 1000 powered by a OS 46 engine.

Steve flew one of his favorite models, the Super Scorpion.

FOX 36X Gift by Mike McIntyre.

FOX 36X Gift by Mike McIntyre.


FOX 36X Gift by Mike McIntyre.


FOX 36X Gift by Mike McIntyre.

HERE'S WHAT HANK SPERZEL HAS BEEN DOING DURING COVID. Starduster 600 with a Super Tiger 23 on pacifier pressure for noise.

McCOY .049 Replica Diesel by Jack Hiner.

McCOY .049 Replica Diesel by Jack Hiner.

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