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#001213 Sailwing 50. A flying wing glider. This is a 50” wingspan model designed by Frank Zaic and kitted by his company, Jasco.

#007332 Wanderer by Art Horak. It was published in the March, 1945 issue of Model Airplane News.

#004326 Super Viking by Don Wensel. This 56” wingspan model was designed around the Ohlsson .19/.23 but would fly well with any large A small B engine.

#004456 Rival by Frank Zaic and kitted by Jasco. This 43 1/2” wingspan model was designed for .09 power-plants. This design is typical of the models Frank was doing in the early to mid 50’s.

 #005561 Commander as kitted by Cloudcraft. I would power it with my normal 8oz. Wakefield motor of 80g of 1/8” rubber made into a 24 strand motor.

John Pratt launches a large stick rubber plane.

Glen Schneider, one of SAM 27’s excellent free fighters. Glenn flys frequently at the SAM Champs and the AMA NATS.

Tom Moore with his beautiful half A Texaco scale ship.

Loren Kramer, Mike Clancy (past president and SAM Western States V.P., and Ed Hamler at SAM Champs, Eldorado Dry Lake, Boulder City Nevada. Ed Hamler has been president of SAM 27, is in the SAM Hall of Fame, has flown in every SAM Euro Champs since they started and had been a CD at the Euro Champs. He is an excellent builder and is highly skilled with ignition engines.

SAM 27 free flighters at S.W. Regionals, Eloy Arizona. Sue Rocha, AMA Hall of Fame member Jerry Rocha, and Bud Romak.

Jerry Rocha shows his new Diamond Demon at a club meeting in a Novato fire station.

Mike Clancy and his Benny Boxcar at SAM Champs, Muncie.

Gale Wagner and his large rubber powered Fokker D-8. Gale is an artist. His favorite medium was steel sculpture. He has now moved on to great flying large, scale rubber models. From steel to balsa—wow!

We also fly some control line. Tom Ball starting, Ed Hamler to launch, Jerry Rocha on the handle. This plane was built from an original Jim Walker kit that was given to Clancy by Dick Irwin. Tom Ball wanted to build it so I gave it to him. Engine is Tom’s original Ohlsson .23 from 1947.


1934 HERCULES AIR LINER by Peter Michel.

My 6 Year Old AIRBORN by Jack Hiner.

A Nordon Bombsight Story from Bob Galler.

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