Greetings, Fellow Modeller
        The Co-op Plans Project is an effort by several organizations and interested modelers to archive and preserve against loss as many model airplane plans as possible and make them available to modelers around the world.

         We have about 7,000 plans currently on our plan list which is FREE PDF file.  You will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader software which is FREE from  www.adobe.com

Click the link below to have us send it to you.  Just add your name and address and we will send the plan list to you as a PDF file.  You will also get a READ ME file that gives more details and tells you how to order the plans.

       We currently have members in New Zealand, England, The Slovak Republic and the USA.  We welcome new members.  If you are interested in helping, you can contact us for information about becoming a member by clicking on Roland Friestad or any of the other names of members listed below.

        Our goal is to make these archives available at the lowest possible cost but we do need to charge something to cover the cost of acquisition and processing of plans and maintaining the website.  We do have a small charge for the plans, ranging from $2 to $3 depending upon the quantity purchased.  Plans are provided as PDF files that can be printed at a local copy shop, saving postage and time delays.

        We do have a problem, however.  We are finding that many of the plans from our archives are being posted at various places on the Internet for free download.   Many of the folks who post plans from our archives do not even bother to give us credit for them.  That's sort of a low blow after the many hours of scanning, cleanup and preparation that is required.  These plans have a copyright notice but it's not practical to send a junk-yard-dog lawyer after these folks, most of whom don't even use their own names and so are anonymous.  But, if modelers aren't willing to pay a couple of dollars for a high quality plan then we may not bother to keep making them available.

        So, please don't post our plans on the Internet for free download.  We don't mind if you share the plans with buddies or friends, but posting them is pretty discouraging to our members who spend a lot of time and money to preserve them and make these plans available.

         Mark Venter - New Zealand   ------------   Roger Newman - England

         Lubo Hrncar - Slovak Republic   -------    Derick Scott - England

         Rufus Carswell - USA   --------------------   Roland Friestad - USA